Nd:Yag FAQ

Q: How does Xlase Nd:YAG laser technology compare to traditional sclerotherapy?

A: Nd:YAG laser offers important benefits over injection therapy. Nd:YAG therapy allows treatment of injectable leg veins as well as matting and small spider vessels that are often too small to inject. In addition laser therapy is fast, less painful; minimally invasive without needles; and typically does not require compression wrapping.

Q: How does the Nd:YAG laser treat hemangiomas?

A: Mature hemangiomas can be rather thick, namely part of it is superficial and part is deep. The Nd:YAG head can be used to reach both the superficial and the deeper parts of the lesion. By selecting the correct pulse duration and energy value, excessive heat production is eliminated. Following a few sessions with the Xlase Nd:YAG, most of the hemangiomas can be successfully treated.

Q: Is Hair Removal Using Nd:YAG Laser Safe for Dark Skin?

A: The long-pulsed Nd:Yag laser is the safest, most effective laser for darker skin types. This laser can effectively remove hair in all skin types, but it is the workhorse laser for darker complexions like darker Hispanic, Indian or any African American skin. Hundreds of patients have been treated, often with the darkest of complexions, very safely and effectively.

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